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AS A CLUB AS A RETAILER     Well, feel free to give us a call, or simply stop by to take...

About Us


Chibing Wu- won 1st place in Men's Single in US Open

New York Badminton Center ( NYBC ) was established in 2000 by former China National Badminton Team player Mr. Chibing Wu and other badminton enthusiatic! Mr. Wu had represented China in varies top ranked international tournaments and won numerous national and international titles throughout his professional carrier. Mr. Wu also won and ranked as US top badminton player since he moved to the states. He had over 20 years of coaching experience from high school club level to professional level players. He was head coach for numerous professional badminton clubs in China, Spain & USA. He is one of the few national level ( level 4 ) coach in the USA, the only one in tri-state area, who qualifies in coaching national level players and groups. 

NYBC is designated badminton facility with 6 international tournament standard Badminton floor mats on top of 3″ high wood floor elevation for maximum shock absorbing and pressure reduction to knees and ankles.  Center also equipped with Table Tennis, Weights room, kids room, and spacious resting area, large bathrooms. Center opens 7 days all year around. We offers the convenience for players to play on any of the days they prefer. Center is close to public transportation, private parking is also available.   

Diversity of players-varies countries united here

NYBC has players from all over the world: China, India, Pakistan, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Swiss, France, Hungry, Russia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Puerto  Rico, South Africa, etc.  The levels of our players are also varies from beginners to international champions. You do not have to be good to join us. Many of the players convert from tennis, squash; many of them started to learn badminton from scratch and in their 30th or 40th! Even though, majority of players are adults, many of the teenagers from Metropolitan area, other states and other countries have been our club members for years too.So no matter what level you are at, you can always find someone here speaks your language and someone here to be your partner! 

NYBC  players participates in major tournaments in New York annually: NYCB TEAM INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT, NYCB ANNUAL TOURNAMENT – NYCB Championship, NEW YORK OPEN ( USAB Sanctioned ). Our junior team players have actively participated in most intrastate & interstate Junior . All of us, whether won any title or not, enjoyed the experience of being in a team, and being cared by other players and being able to overcome the difficulties.

 Our junior players with coach Wu
NYBC also provides Private & Group Training classes, Junior After school classes and Summer Camp for all levels. All training classes are coached & directed by Chibing Wu , who had been a professional player for the past 30 years with rich experience as a professional coach from High School teams to National Teams for over 20 years.  There are 5 community level coaches participating in varies types of trainings. All training model are designed to fit into your own schedule and your level of play. Most of our current students participate actively in major tournaments in the country.



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Well, feel free to give us a call, or simply stop by to take a look at our practice and training if you are interested!  Welcome to our world!! You will meet new friends here too! 

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