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1.General Rules • Please be courteous to other club members/guests. • Please check-in at the front...


1.General Rules

• Please be courteous to other club members/guests.

• Please check-in at the front desk by scanning your membership card / sign off the visitor’s pass. If not, you need to pay drop-in fee.

• Once entry fee is paid, player is allowed to stay in center to play till closing time. However, if by any reason, the player leaves the center for over 30min, he/she will be considered completed the visit of the day. Another entry fee is required if the same player prefer to play again afterward.

2. Court rules

• Play with clean and non-marking sneakers only. To avoid any injury, we highly recommend badminton shoes.

• Please do NOT BRING FOOD onto the court or near the floor mat. Please eat at the resting area. We have tables, chairs and sofa provided.

• Please make sure put the empty water/soft drink bottles in the Trash Bin next to the court. If you spill, please ask staff to help clean it.

• When other players are playing, make sure you are not staying in/near the court that might cause any unnecessary body injury.

• Please use our queuing system on peak nights/weekends.

• If you need a dedicated court for your group, please reserve court in advance. For rates, please contact us at 646-450-8918 or email:

 3. Queuing System – “20 min rotation rule” ( apply when more than 4 players are using 1 court )

• Place your racquet on the hooks on the wall corresponding to the court(s) you would like to wait for.

• Please wait for your turn.

• Before getting onto the court, take your racquet off the wall, so the next group of players will be able to hang their racquet for the turn.

• When you are done with playing 20 minutes ( maximum 2 games of 15 points ), please let the next group in the queue to play and back to the waiting line for the court again (same court or any other court).

4. Children on courts

• We welcome and strongly encourage parents to bring their children to introduce them to badminton. Please feel free to talk to us about different programs for children.

• For safety of your children, please supervise them at all times.

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